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The Stranglers Feature Documentary

The Stranglers are one of the longest surviving and most influential bands to have originated from the punk explosion in the mid 70’s. Their aggressive and uncompromising attitude has meant they were rarely out the press, getting them banned from playing in London, jailed in Nice and marched out of Sweden. Over the years, their distinctive style has rarely stuck to any single musical genre yet they have stayed true to their signature sound. This film documents the full story of their career of over forty years, from their humble beginnings in a Surrey scout hut in the early 70’s through to the present day. Director David Boni captured this intimate portrait of the band, both onstage and off, over a 6 year period.


The Movie - Teaser Trailer

Here's a little taste of what's to come, for more news hit the link.


About Us

Over 6 years in the making, David Boni, in conjunction with Go Boogie Films is proud to announce the production of a full-length feature documentary about The Stranglers. This is a portrait of one of the UK’s most enduring bands scheduled  to be released in the spring of 2019.